Churn Reduction Strategies That Can Save Your Business

Customer churn — also known as customer attrition — refers to the rate at which customers who purchase or subscribe to your product or service offering end their relationship with you and stop bringing in revenue for your business

Be proactive with communication.

By reaching out to your customers before they need you, you’re demonstrating that you’re invested in helping them get the most out of your product or service. But not any old outreach will do.

The type of message or resource you send to them should be directly tied to their product or service usage.

Deliver Useful Content

One really powerful way to engage customers and ensure you continue to retain them is by providing helpful content. Show your customers you care about them outside of using your product and deepen their connection with your brand.

Content that helps customers achieve their goals and learn more about relevant topics means you are adding value to their experience

Develop Human Relationships

When your sales team is trying to attract new customers, there are often a lot of personal contacts as your sales reps get to know your customers and find out what they want from your product.

This valuable knowledge often gets forgotten after customers sign up and start using your product.

Re-engage inactive customers with retention emails

Email is often your best bet when it comes to re-engaging customers outside your app. A well-written retention email helps bring inactive users back from the dead, reminding them of the value you provide and reducing the chances they’ll abandon your app forever.

Celebrate customer successes

User interest in your product starts to wear off after the excitement of the first few days. Still, everyone likes to feel like they’re the center of attention.

Celebrate their progress within your app to remind users about the long-term value your product provides.

All in all, keeping your customers is not magic. It all boils down to analyzing the reasons behind churn and then acting on them.

Communicate with customers and involve them with your products, improve your customer service levels and make sure they see what they are gaining if they stay with you, rather than stray away from you.

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