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Who Are We

Onlinko is a marketing, technology, and training company that provides practical entrepreneurship and competency-based education to businesses, institutions, and individuals to grow and expand their businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional and highly creative result-oriented Martech-services and practical entrepreneurship and competency-based education that will assist businesses, institutions and individuals, to grow and expand their business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a standard and world-class Martech and training organization whose services and training method will not only be accepted in Nigeria but also every part of the world. 


We believe in putting people before profits.

Onlinko has created systems and technology to specifically reach the service-industry audience through an omnichannel approach.  All of this is done at a fraction of the cost and time it would take a traditional agency thanks to our technology.  Our tools empower small business owners to get a higher ROI through their campaigns and enable the Onlinko team to easily execute each project.

Working with Onlinko

Whether you’re building your digital marketing program from the ground up, ditching an old agency that wasn’t quite up to snuff, or looking for a digital marketing training program that will gain your employees the skills they need to help your business grow. Working with a new digital marketing agency can bring a lot of questions.

These are great questions and we have the answers! When working with Onlinko Digital Marketing, you can expect transparent communication coupled with a thorough onboarding process — two essentials to successful agency-company relationships. You can fully outsource PPC advertising and SEO to us, or call on us to supplement your in-house team. Either way, our aim is to create a respectful, collaborative, and profitable relationship.

What Our Client Have to Say

“They really bring a lot of experience and a lot of very good strategic know-how, but it’s never without that essential component of emotion. It’s that combination of rational and emotional, and strategy and heart, that I think really makes them a very special and outstanding partner.”
-Mr. Chinedu Ekwelude
CEO & Founder Chi-Bright Interior & Decorations Limited
“They’ve just been a terrific asset. A lot of times the conversations we have with them will take us in a direction that we did not initially anticipate, and we love having access to that braintrust.”
-Dr. Collins Ohiri
Clinical Director @Vision Eye Care Clinic
“They’ve met every goal that we have set out for them, and they’re also great about presenting us with new ideas to continue to set ourselves apart from our competition. They’ve really been the strategy behind the marketing, and helped us achieve a lot more than we’ve ever achieved when it comes to marketing the clinic.”
-Dr. Ozumba Barbara
CEO & Founder 3 Dental Clinic
Emmanuel and his team has made a huge difference to our business with their good work and knowledge of SEO and business-to-business marketing techniques. Our search engine rankings are better than ever and we are getting more people contacting us thanks to Emmanuel’s and his team knowledge and hard work.
-Dr (Mrs) Mabel. O. Etetafia
Teem Clinic & Dental Services LTD

Meet Our Lead Team

Onlinko offers a comprehensive approach to digital marketing by engaging in a full-funnel strategy. From the awareness stage to the consideration stage, we have you covered. Our services will Turn Your Website Into a Full-Time Salesperson. 

Emmanuel Ikesu

Emmanuel Ikesu

Marketing Professional | Sales Expert | Speaker | Marketing Director, Onlinko

Dr. Emmanuel Tonukari

Senior lecturer at Delta State University, AbrakaUniversité d’Orléans, Orléans Région Centre, FRANCE

Onlinko Digital Marketing marketing

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Onlinko can help your business if you find yourself saying....

Onlinko offers a comprehensive approach to digital marketing by engaging in a full-funnel strategy. From the awareness stage to the consideration stage, we have you covered. Our services will Turn Your Website Into a Full-Time Salesperson. 

I am having issues understanding my marketing.

I need a clear lead generation strategy that is cost effective.

I need a company that can strategize and execute.

I want monthly marketing reports of what is working and what is not..

I need to better understand my customer.

I need a company who is just going to get it done right the first time

I want a custom, beautifully-designed website.

I need access to my data. I don't want an agency to have ownership.

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