Success Principles for Growing Your Healthcare Business In Nigeria

Today I’m going to reveal 7 success principles for growing your healthcare business in Nigeria.

In fact:

These principles will help increase your staff productivity and as well your patient inflow. 

No matter what strategies you utilize to grow your healthcare business in today’s market, the fact remains that there are a few time-tested principles that help ensure that your business is positioned for growth.

Below are seven core principles that will undoubtedly prove beneficial to your growth as a business owner.

Let’s dive right in…

Success Principle #1 – Don’t underestimate these variables:

  • The learning curve (There’s always more involved than you realize.)
  • Time requirements (Include everyone in your thinking.)
  • Capital requirement (Include a contingency margin.)
  • Sales skills (You may need to hire experienced talent.)
  • Marketing budget (New services will not promote themselves.)
  • Culture shock (Get everyone on board, aware and supportive.)
  • Risk (It can’t be eliminated, but it can be minimized.)
  • Competition level (Assume “the other guy” is smart, aggressive and not a push-over.)

Principle #2 –Practice Innovation

Healthcare businesses that continue to do things the same way they will get left behind.

Healthcare businesses that specialize in ingenuity on a continual basis are considered cutting edge.

If you’re a small healthcare business owner, you must be innovative also.

In today’s business world, the internet has changed the game for big healthcare businesses and small healthcare businesses in Nigeria alike.

So if your healthcare business stays ahead of the curve, you will be more likely to experience exponential growth.

#3 – Involve The Staff Early In The Game

Share your vision with everyone in the office and inspire enthusiastic team support. Changes in the office routine (and culture) can be unsettling enough to undermine success. Conversely, awareness, training, and win-win compensation can create champions and teamwork.

#4 – Invest In Proven Elective Care Marketing Strategies

Consumers who respond to benefit-driven marketing. Devise a professional plan that considers:

  • Internal marketing (To leverage your existing patient base.)
  • Cross promotion (To leverage someone else’s base.)
  • Professional referral marketing (When possible.)
  • External advertising (To inform and attract new consumers.)
  • Publicity (Where free media opportunities exist.)
  • Internet visibility (Engaging content and targeted online marketing.)

#5 – If You Build It, They May Not Come (Without A Push)

If you’re making a big commitment, invest in the marketing to help it succeed. To neglect the proper promotion would be like buying a thoroughbred racehorse and not planning for its care and feeding.

#6 – Create Packages That Benefit Patients

Consumers—especially informed patients—more easily understand and appreciate benefit-driven “packages” versus less tangible “health-aware” concepts.

Consumers envision their use of products and services when the deliverables are clearly defined. Consider, for example, how to productize free check-ups as a program or package including physical evaluation, hypertension screening, nutrition, and other support facets.

#7 – Forecast The Future

It’s true that we can’t predict the future. However, we can forecast it by studying trends and remaining aware of what’s going on in the world and in our respective healthcare industries. When studying trends, you can gain a feel for what people like and don’t like.

Surveying your clients allows you to know their opinions. And this information allows you to create more useful services to address the needs and wants of your customer base. There’s nothing worse than spending time, money, and effort creating something that your patient doesn’t like.

By forecasting via anticipating the needs of your patients, you will be able to predict ways that will help your patients stay more connected to your clinic and even tell their family and friends about your brand


It’s harder than ever for your healthcare business to stand out.

Even if your healthcare business is AMAZING.

In fact, according to a report by Aldrich Advisors, every healthcare business needs at least 20 new patients monthly to achieve business growth and success.

I don’t necessarily agree with that. But I DO agree with the premise that your healthcare business needs more customers.

And I hope these 7 success principles for growing your healthcare business in Nigeria, help you get the word out about your healthcare business.

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