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How Should Cosmetic Surgeons Approach Local SEO In Nigeria?

It is common for cosmetic surgeons to get referrals from satisfied customers and other medical professionals.

When that happens, prospective clients typically perform a quick Google search as they may want to learn more about you.

To draw as many new patients as possible, it is important to learn how cosmetic surgeons should approach local SEO.


The goal is to be at the top of the search results.

Although the face of advertising is changing, it is still considered one of the biggest expenditures for small businesses in Nigeria In other words, this is an area that’s still worth your investment.

 By improving one’s Google rankings, the chances of securing an ongoing stream of free traffic increase as well.

With that in mind, below are some cosmetic surgeon online marketing tips to put into action:

Gather Patient Reviews

Patient reviews are needed to inform Google that your business is legitimate, as well as convince potential clients to consider your cosmetic surgery services.

After a client has completed his or her procedure and is satisfied, request them to write a review on your Google My Business (GMB) page.

 By doing this on a regular basis, you will increase your credibility in no time at all.

Collect Inbound Links and Citations

Oftentimes, one’s Google rankings depend on getting inbound links from authoritative websites.

It is a good idea to establish connections with other businesses or individuals who offer complementary services, e.g., fitness centers and general practitioners among others.

Don’t be afraid to ask to trade links.

Citations are basically online directory listings of your business NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number).

They can be published on targeted medical directories, Facebook, Chamber of Commerce sites, and more.

The rule is to keep your NAP consistent throughout all platforms.

Before spending any money, you should ensure that the directories have the potential to drive conversions and traffic.

Find and Use the Most Relevant Keywords

Firstly, brainstorm a list of relevant keywords that best describe your cosmetic surgery services, e.g., rhinoplasty, facelift, tummy tuck, breast lift, etc.

Secondly, narrow down the list by checking how much traffic each keyword may get through tools like Google’s free Keyword Planner tool.

There are two main types of keywords to keep in mind: research intent keywords and buying intent keywords.

The former refers to keywords used when a prospect is just shopping around (lower priority and usually takes a long time to drive conversions).

The latter refers to keywords used when a prospect is ready for your services (e.g., forehead lift New York).

With that said, it is recommended that you use research intent keywords in FAQs and blog posts.

Remember to Track Your Results

Don’t just run a local SEO campaign without knowing if it’s driving results. For starters, you may focus on the following metrics:

Conversions: Track which services or web pages drive the most conversions and how your customers act (by phone or email?).

Traffic: Take note of the percentage of visitors who reach you through Google search and how much traffic each web page receives.

Rankings: You need to check your Google rankings one or two times per month.

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