Proven Ways to Better Market Your Beauty Brand

5 Proven Ways to Better Market Your Beauty Brand

As one of the industries most affected by changing trends, marketing for the beauty industry can be especially challenging, especially if you’re a smaller business trying to get proven ways to market your beauty brand or make a name for yourself amongst more established brands.

Despite this challenge, capturing new customers and revenue in the beauty industry is still possible with the right digital marketing strategy in place.

Here are five proven methods you can use to better market your beauty brand.

Complement Your Marketing Strategy with Engaging Beauty and Skincare Content

The lifeblood of any great marketing strategy is great content, and the same goes for advertising beauty and skincare products.

Beauty and cosmetics customers are always on the hunt for the next big thing.

Whether it’s tips on how to flawlessly apply lipstick or the best balms for sensitive skin, today’s shoppers are just as hungry for information as they are for new products.


As such, one of the proven ways to market your beauty brand is to publish click-worthy content that customers will be eager to read, share, and talk about with their friends, families, and colleagues.

Given the wide variety of beauty products out there, you’ve got a range of topics to choose from. For example, you could craft a quick comparison guide on the best lipstick shades based on your skin color

Keep Your Product Reviews and Testimonials Front and Center

One of the staples of a great brand experience is a glowing review. When you have a product that works well, you want people to talk about that experience, as the social proof that comes with that is incredibly valuable.

Review is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal, meaning you should always try and keep your product reviews and customer testimonials front and center.

most consumers expect authenticity and transparency from the brands they interact with, especially if those brands are marketing products that could have lasting effects on their health or appearance.

While your content marketing efforts might be enough to bring in those customers, they’re going to want to know your products work as advertised before pulling out their wallets.

The more positive the review board is, the more likely they are to convert. It’s that simple.

Transparency is key, and consumers must see that you take negative reviews seriously and learn from your mistakes.

How you respond to negative reviews is critically important, as it will tell customers everything, they need to know about how trustworthy you are and how genuinely you care about their experience.

While your chosen voice should be considered carefully, it’s generally a good idea to keep that voice courteous and social-media friendly.

Stay Active on Social Media to Market Your Beauty Brand

Millions of people look for beauty inspiration on social media every day, and on Instagram alone, the hashtag #beauty has racked up over 504 million entries and counting.

While looking your best has always been important for many people, the rise of social media has only amplified its importance.

This isn’t too surprising, as makeup and skincare are emotional topics that speak to people’s inner confidence, just as the perfect outfit can often make or break someone’s confidence given the right circumstances.

Each of the major social media platforms tends to provide its unique benefits.

Instagram and TikTok, in particular, are incredibly valuable for targeting a younger demographic, as both platforms offer substantial engagement opportunities via hyper-focused, short-form video content.

An active social media presence provides an open communication line between beauty brands and their customers, something that remains a key component of effective digital marketing.

By leveraging all your available tools, you can reach your target audience at different stages of the buyer journey, using the data and metrics you gather to build on over time.

While building your brand on social media certainly takes work, the process is a whole lot easier thanks to the diversity of platforms and their demographics, making those efforts more than worth the investment.

Leverage Influencer Marketing to Market Your Beauty Brand

Beauty brands who wish to market their beauty brand and reach the widest variety of customers should put serious thought into adding influencer marketing to their overall strategy.

Not only do these influencers command a powerful voice, but that voice is often seen as more personable and relatable, especially when it comes to consumers looking for tips, tricks, and products for diverse skin tones or complexions.

Modern consumers want to see the products they’re interested in being used by real people, and in front of bathroom mirrors.

While the airbrushed faces of a magazine ad are nice to look at, today’s beauty customers expect more authenticity, especially if that comes in the form of sharable video content.

Quick, simple “how-to” guides on makeup application perform exceedingly well, while beauty transformation videos highlighting specific products can work wonders for conversions and sales.

the rise of influencer marketing has turned beauty marketing on its head, giving savvy brands the chance to communicate with their customers in a way that truly resonates.

Brands with the budget to work with more established influencers often discover bigger opportunities for brand awareness and visibility, as these influencers are skilled at creating content that’s relevant and hyper-targeted.

While it might be tempting to focus on follower counts, influencer statistics show that smaller followings tend to provide higher engagement rates, with micro-influencers being the easiest and most cost-effective choice.

Work With A Dedicated Beauty Marketing Agency

Ultimately, marketing your beauty brand requires a lot of tools, techniques, and strategies to be successful, especially if you’re a smaller brand going up against more established players.

As a result, many beauty brands choose to partner with an experienced beauty marketing agency, one that understands what it takes to capture valuable customers and revenue in this wildly competitive industry.

When you work with Onlinko, you gain access to our digital expert with over 5 years of SEO and digital marketing experience across a wide variety of industries, with proven case studies in the beauty and skincare industries.

From paid advertising campaigns to content marketing and web development, our team has what it takes to help your brand capture valuable new customers and revenue.

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