Digital Marketing Strategy Session With Onlinko LTD

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Want Your Digital Marketing Plan Done In A 2-Hour Private Marketing Strategy Session?

Book Your 1-on-1 Digital Marketing Strategy Session and Get Marketing Strategy + Prior Research + Tailored Action Plan.

During your 2-hour strategy session, I will…


  1. Have a clear understanding of where your business stands right now.
  2. Define a goal for your business over the next 6 months.
  3. Develop your roadmap for achieving your monthly goals.
  4. Map out your entire sales funnel and craft your customer journey – from lead generation to sale. In your preferred software.
  5. Advice on your pillar content pieces for sales pages, ads, social media posts email sequences, etc.
  6. Discover easy list-building strategies to grow a following and build your community.

A Professional Can Help With Planning

Sometimes knowing what to do is easier than knowing the best way to do it. Maybe your Marketing team is lean, or there is no one on the team with best-practice expertise.

Or perhaps you just need a catalyst for change or an objective point of view.

A third party can help develop/re-engineer your digital marketing planning processes, ultimately speeding the achievement of the revenue-oriented benefits.

Consider these five capabilities when evaluating potential partners:


1. Digital Marketing planning expertise

2. Quality of pre-developed tools/templates/frameworks

3. Experience working with other companies in your industry

4. Utilization of knowledge transfer methods so that your team can implement best practices for process development, change management, and communication going forward

5. Relevant positive references


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