SEO For Local Small Businesses, Restaurants, and Brick and Mortar

SEO For Local Small Businesses, Restaurants, and Brick and Mortar

Did you know that 88% of customers use their smartphone to conduct a local search visit or call a business the same day?

In fact, local information is sought after in about 46% of all Google searches.

This information can be vital to brick-and-mortar businesses because they are the ones that want to create foot traffic and bring people through their doors.

So how do local SEO services help these businesses reach their customers?

Keep reading to find out exactly how they can help your business grow.

What Is a Brick-And-Mortar Business?

Brick-and-mortar businesses are conventional retailers with a physical presence where customers can make in-person purchases of goods or services. 

Shopping in person is still favored by many people. It has several advantages that online retailers have not yet been able to match.

Many buyers prefer to see and inspect the item they are purchasing.

It is true that traditional brick-and-mortar establishments continue to draw patrons and supporters. However, in the new digital economy, conventional firms like these have a difficult time acquiring clients.

Most clients may prefer to sit in their homes and order goods or services on their cellphones or laptops now that many websites offer online shopping to their customers with advantages like lower rates. 

Because of this, digital marketing is crucial for physical companies to become more visible.

Examples of Local Businesses That Needs Local SEO

Here are a few examples of brick-and-mortar businesses that heavily rely on foot traffic and would benefit greatly from local SEO:

Restaurants and Cafes

These establishments thrive on foot traffic. When people search for “best restaurants near me” or “cafes in [city name]”, having your restaurant or cafe appear in the local pack can significantly increase your visibility and bring in more customers.

Retail Stores

Whether it’s a clothing store, a bookshop, or a hardware store, retail businesses depend on people walking in and making purchases. Local SEO can help these stores attract locals or tourists searching for specific products in their area.

Hair Salons and Spas

People often look for these services within their vicinity. By optimizing for local SEO, salons and spas can reach potential customers who are actively looking for their services.

Dental and Medical Clinics

Patients generally prefer medical services close to home. Therefore, when they search for “dentists near me” or “clinics in [city name]”, appearing in the local pack can help attract more patients.

Fitness Centers and Gyms:

People usually opt for gyms or fitness centers close to their home or workplace. Hence, appearing in local search results can help these businesses attract new members.

Local Farmers Markets

These markets rely on community support and foot traffic. Local SEO can help them stand out in online searches and draw a larger crowd.

Remember, any business with a physical location that serves customers in person can benefit from local SEO. It’s all about making it easy for your local customers to find you when they’re ready to shop or use your services.

Why Local SEO Services Matter For These Businesses

Local brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers compete directly. Although it may not seem like it, these companies are vying for the attention of consumers who might think it is simpler to shop from home or behind a screen.

Digital marketing and local SEO services can make the difference between using an online retailer like Amazon or going to the store.

1 – Enhancing Visibility

The first reason local SEO is crucial is visibility. With local SEO, you can increase your visibility on search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find you. This is particularly important for brick-and-mortar businesses that rely on foot traffic.

2 – Reaching the Right Audience

Local SEO allows you to target people in your specific geographic area. This means you’re reaching out to the audience that’s most likely to convert into customers. After all, if someone is searching for a “coffee shop near me,” they’re probably looking to visit one soon.

3 – Building Trust and Credibility

When your business appears in the local pack, it builds trust and credibility. People trust Google, so appearing in the top local results can give your business a significant credibility boost.

4 – Driving Traffic and Sales

Improved visibility, targeting the right audience, and building trust all contribute to driving more traffic—both web and foot—and increasing sales. People who perform local searches are often ready to make a purchase. In fact, according to Google, 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a physical place within a day, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

Local SEO

5 – Staying Competitive

Finally, local SEO is crucial for staying competitive. If your competitors are optimizing for local SEO and you’re not, they are likely to appear before you in local search results, even if your business is just around the corner.

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