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Ignite Your Growth By Walking With A Result Driven Facebook Advertising Agency

Facebook ads are powerful. Few other marketing channels allow you to reach over 1,000 people for less than $5. It can laser-focus on a tiny demographic in a tiny region, or it can scatter a broad message to the masses with equal ease. Yet thousands of businesses fail to harness the power of Facebook advertising, because they don’t know how to make it work for them.

Facebook advertising doesn’t have to be a mystery. It can be your number one marketing tool for sales, acquisition and lead nurture, but it has to be managed with the right technology, expertise, and care. Tell us about your goals and target customer segments, and our veteran Facebook advertising experts will devise a custom plan for your next ad campaigns.

Onlinko Facebook advertising agency gets results. We work with both centralized organizations and multi-location franchises. Our team helps you optimize your campaigns by location, time, persona, messaging, and creative. We keep you up to date on the impact to your business at every step, so you see results from day one.

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Powerful Facebook Advertising With Onlinko

At Onlinko we start with the end result you want, and then build a path to get there. This is a digital marketing agency with combined expertise dating back to the days before social media even became a marketing channel. We know how to optimize based on the most recent changes to Facebook’s marketing algorithms, so that you always stay on top.

Results-driven advertising

We measure Facebook advertising results the same way you do – whether you measure your success in better traffic, more click-throughs, bigger sales, local check-ins, or new sales leads. Tell us the problem you’re trying to solve, and we’ll build a way to get there with data-optimized Facebook marketing campaigns.

Precise audience-building

Step one of a successful Facebook advertising strategy is to target the right people at the right moments. For some businesses, that can mean targeting key demographic multiple physical locations. In our initial consultation we’ll discover your ideal audience segments and devise the most efficient ways to reach those people on Facebook.

Manage Facebook ad spend

You should always be able to confidently show the ROI of your Facebook ad spend. At Onlinko, we optimize your campaigns so that you can be certain every dollar counts. We’ll keep it in budget and make sure you get the most juice possible out of your campaigns with constant A/B testing, timing and targeting, and audience lookalike tactics.

Hands-free campaign management

Our Facebook marketing agency takes all the guesswork and all the real work out of your Facebook ad campaigns. Once we know what results you need, we set up the audience, the CTAs, the creative, the targeting, the conversion forms, literally everything. Then we watch them relentlessly to make sure they perform.

Transparent reporting dashboard

With your own custom Facebook marketing dashboard, our agency keeps you in the know at every second of the day. From the very first hour your campaigns start to run, you’ll see exactly how many people are clicking and converting. You’ll be able to measure performance by tactic, by CTA, by region, however you need to track your success.

World-class support

At Onlinko your Facebook advertising is run by real people who know your business and know your goals. That means when you have questions, or decide you want to double down on a successful Facebook ad campaign, there is a real person on the other end of a phone call ready to help you through the next step to success.

Claim Your Share of 1 Billion Facebook Users

Onlinko is built by experts who make Facebook marketing their careers. The Onlinko team thrives on creating winning strategies that drive customers to your door. When you choose Onlinko as your Facebook advertising agency, you get…

An agency That Listens

Yes, we’ll run your Facebook marketing campaigns for you, but we want to do more than that. We want to hear your big ideas for new campaigns. We want to help you set and go after new goals, and partner with you to grow your business faster.

Facebook Marketing Specialists

Your team is never too busy to answer your questions. A Facebook advertising expert will pair with your business, and work side-by-side with you. You’ll receive personal updates and answers for any difficulties along the way.

Our Total Attention

It takes time and care to build a partnership that works. The Onlinko team invests that time in your company’s success. We can come to your office or hop on a video call, sit with you, and develop a winning Facebook advertising campaign that suits your unique market strategy.

Fast, Honest Reporting

Receive reports on the results of your Facebook marketing team’s exploits at the interval you choose. You will have dashboards you can access any time, and also 24/7 access to our topnotch team.

What Our Clients Say?

“They’ve met every goal that we have set out for them, and they’re also great about presenting us with new ideas to continue to set ourselves apart from our competition. They’ve really been the strategy behind the marketing, and helped us achieve a lot more than we’ve ever achieved when it comes to marketing the clinic.”
Dr. Ozumba Barbara
Dr. Ozumba Barbara
CEO & Founder 3 Dental Clinic
“They’ve just been a terrific asset. A lot of times the conversations we have with them will take us in a direction that we did not initially anticipate, and we love having access to that braintrust.”
Dr. Collins Ohiri
Dr. Collins Ohiri
Clinical Director @Vision Eye Care Clinic
“They really bring a lot of experience and a lot of very good strategic know-how, but it’s never without that essential component of emotion. It’s that combination of rational and emotional, and strategy and heart, that I think really makes them a very special and outstanding partner.”
Mr. Chinedu Ekwelude
Mr. Chinedu Ekwelude
CEO & Founder Chi-Bright Interior & Decorations Limited

Healthcare Facebook Advertising Agency

There’s no shortage of ways to help you grow your medical practice. However, if your dental office, urgent care center, or hospital isn’t fully taking advantage of the power of social media, you’ll be losing out to your competitors. And when it comes to healthcare social media marketing, it’s hard to go wrong with Facebook.

Facebook advertising can do wonders for your medical practice. For starters, it’s not just the largest social media network but it’s the biggest advertising channel for businesses as well. With the right strategy, it can become your primary marketing tool for acquiring new patients and increase patient retention.

However, Facebook advertising can be very competitive – you need all the help that you can get.

If you want to make the most out of your Facebook advertising campaign, Onlinko Digital Marketing is an industry-leading healthcare Facebook Ads agency. At Onlinko, we’ll supercharge your social media marketing campaign and make Facebook work for your medical practice. If you have a medical practice and interested in taking the next big step for your social media campaign, feel free to contact us now!

Healthcare Facebook Advertising Agency

Facebook advertising is an excellent opportunity for you to extend your healthcare brand and receive new patients. With the right strategies, you can target Facebook users that are very likely to become a patient. We are always updated with Facebook’s algorithm and we know how to optimize for the best results.

Build Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

There’s no better place to increase your healthcare brand’s social media presence than Facebook. From account management to Facebook Ads optimization, our team of social media experts will get the job done of building your social media presence.

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Facebook Marketing

Leverage Facebook’s Unique Strengths

Facebook Ads is an excellent marketing channel but it can be hard to execute properly. Onlinko will help your healthcare organization leverage Facebook’s unique marketing strengths to reach healthcare consumers that are likely to become your patient.

Get Your Message to the Right Audience

With our team of social media experts and Facebook’s data, we can hyper-focus your campaign to target the patient profiles that you want. The goal is to attract highly qualified leads and eventually, attract them without spending too much.

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Effective Ad Copy

Better audience targeting is not possible without an engaging ad copy. Onlinko will help your healthcare organization develop content that will allow the users to better understand your brand story and the services that you offer.

Develop Ad Formats to Meet Your Goals

To succeed in Facebook Ads, you need to use the most effective ad formats to make the right impression to your target audience. Our creative team has a track record of developing professional ad designs to attract your target audience and make a lasting impression.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising is perhaps the most important way to connect with your target audience using the world’s largest social media platform. An average Facebook user spends almost an hour a day on the platform – second only to YouTube where users spend more of their time.

Facebook boasts a monthly active users count of 2.6 billion, and in the first quarter of 2020, over 1.73 billion unique daily active users. It is undoubtedly the most popular social media network in the world. In the Nigeria, Facebook accounts for 35% of monthly social media traffic. With a user base of that size, Facebook gets a ton of data from its users – all of these information are willingly provided by Facebook users to build their profile (name, age, address, interests, etc.).

Using that wealth of user information, Facebook is in a position to serve its users with highly targeted ads. Think of ads about products and services that are likely to lead to a purchase decision.

How Does Facebook Advertising Works?

How Does Facebook Advertising Works?

Facebook Ads work in the same way as a pay-per-click or PPC model which means that you’ll only be charged every time a user clicks on your ads. Before you can kickstart your campaign, make sure that you clearly define why you’re advertising and what you’re trying to achieve. From increasing traffic to your website to generating new leads, Facebook advertising should be able to accommodate your goals.

All Facebook Ads campaigns run through the Facebook Ads Manager too which you can access through a direct link or by clicking the “Manage Ads” button from your account menu. When you click to create ads, you’ll be directed to a page that will ask you to choose a campaign objective. Then, you’ll have access to metrics that enable you to customize your target audience and another section where you can set your budget.

Then, you’ll now be able to create a Facebook Ad. There are numerous types of Facebook

Ads that you can choose from:

Image ads, Video ads, Video poll ads, Carousel ads, Slideshow ads, Collection ads, Instant experience ads, Lead ads, Dynamic ads, Messenger ads, Stories ads, Stories augmented reality ads, Playable ads

Your ads can appear in the Facebook Newsfeed on mobile and desktop, and the right column of the website on desktop.

Why Advertise On Facebook?

Why should you advertise your hospital, urgent care center, specialty clinic, or dental office on Facebook? Here are the top reasons why.

#1: Your Patients are on Facebook

With a monthly active users count of 2.6 billion, Facebook is by and far the most popular social media website in the world. If that’s not reason enough, here are more key statistics proving that Facebook is where your potential patients are:

  • Facebook reaches 60% of all internet users worldwide.
  • In 2018, more than 18 million small businesses around the world signed on to Facebook. The Facebook Page has become a valuable tool for businesses to increase their online presence. Your Facebook Page becomes a hub of important information that could be useful for potential patients.
  • According to the Pew Research Center in 2019, 500 out of 200 adult in the world have used Facebook. Other than YouTube, Facebook is still one of the most visited social media platforms by adults in the world.
  • 74% of Facebook users belong to the high-income bracket. For high-income earners, Facebook is their go-to social media network and it even surpasses LinkedIn. 49% of Facebook users make more than $75,000 annually.
  • 1.62 billion users use Facebook daily. In the first quarter of 2020, the number of daily active users has grown to 1.73 billion (most likely because of the global pandemic). The number of daily active users is expected to keep increasing. Among active U.S. Facebook users, 74% of them use the site on a daily basis.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the majority of young adults still prefer Facebook as their primary social media channel. 65% of active Facebook users are below the age of 35 which includes the Gen Z and Millenial demographics.
  • Facebook became the king of social media because of mobile accessibility. 96% of Facebook users access the site through their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With Facebook’s popularity, it’s no wonder that it’s also one of the most downloaded mobile apps of all time.
  • Additionally, 94% of Facebook Ad revenue comes from mobile users. Only 6% of advertising revenue comes from exclusive desktop users. Therefore, it’s more than worth it to target potential patients who are on mobile. This also highlights the importance of optimizing your social media content to be as mobile-friendly as possible.
  • The average Facebook user spends an average of 58.5 minutes on the platform. For comparison, people spend 53 minutes on average on Instagram. This is obviously an important metric to take into account because the more time people spend on Facebook, the more likely they’ll see your ads.
  • Digital marketers are loving Facebook as well. For instance, 86% of online marketers in the U.S. use Facebook as one of their main advertising vehicles. As it is now, Facebook presents a strong platform for building your brand and engaging with your patients.

Based on these statistics, it’s hard not to see the potential of Facebook as a powerful marketing tool. There’s no doubt about it, your prospective patients are on Facebook and they’re spending a lot of time there.

#2: Highly Targeted Advertising

When it comes to generating high-quality leads, Facebook Advertising is a top-notch channel. We’ve already established how massive Facebook’s global audience is, so it’s not surprising that it’s a great way to reach your preferred audience. Facebook’s targeting options with regards to the level of granularity are a cut above the rest.

Facebook gives you targeting metrics based on interests, demographics, age ranges, browsing behaviors, connections, languages, and more. You even have the option to target your competitor’s followers.

The targeting capabilities are so robust, you can dig deeper and layer your preferences and combine them – all to ensure that you’re not targeting the wrong users. One good example of Facebook Ads’ versatility is the “Lookalike Audiences” option which lets you target people who are similar to the ones who are already engaged with your business.

For healthcare businesses, conversions are everything and way more important than traffic size. What you want are Facebook users who are potential patients, people who are likely to give you a call and make an appointment.

#3: Ads For Specific Objectives

Facebook has made it easy for marketers to create ads. You’ll be guided through the steps where you choose the ad type, target audience, timeframe, and budget. Furthermore, you can customize your ads based on your marketing goals – Facebook calls them your “objectives.” Whether you want to promote your page, raise attendance at an event, increase website conversions, or get people to visit your clinic, it’s simple to create an ad based around such goals.

Again, Facebook’s flexibility delivers as it enables better control of the ads you create. Plus, setting a goal tells the platform how it should be optimizing your ads for the best results. This level of customizability will help you create ads that best reflect your brand and medical practice for a better response.

#4: Reach More People than Organic Methods

Why not just stick to organic posts? If you’re running a business Facebook Page, you should know that only the tiniest fraction of your followers will see your posts. It sounds harsh but it’s the truth. Over the last few years, Facebook has released a frustrating algorithm for business owners everywhere. This algorithm prioritizes posts from friends and family versus updates from business pages.

Even if you have thousands upon thousands of followers, there’s only so much your organic posts can do. If you’re looking to make the most out of your Facebook advertising experience, you must use paid ads to reach your prospective patients. This brings us to our next point.

#5: Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Is it expensive to advertise your healthcare business on Facebook? This ultimately depends on the type of bidding model you’ve chosen: cost-per-click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). There are also other bidding models like cost-per-download (CPA) and cost-per-like (CPL).

The most common model is CPC and it will cost you $0.97/click on average. If you go for the CPM model, you’ll pay around $7.19 per 1,000 impressions (each time your ad is displayed even without receiving a click).

Similar to other PPC platforms, you can optimize your Facebook Ads to drive down your marketing costs. With proper targeting, you can get clicks and conversions for less, thanks to Facebook’s targeting options. An optimized campaign means you’re not getting clicks from random users and only get clicks from people who are most likely to become a patient. Compared to other PPC solutions, Facebook Ads is one of the cheapest forms of advertising.

#6: Robust Analytics

Much like with Facebook Ads targeting capabilities, the platform offers the kind of analytics that you can’t find elsewhere. This advertising platform enables its marketers to always stay on top of their campaign with top-notch analytics and reporting.

Facebook features near-limitless options when it comes to reports and analytics. Trust us, you’ll never have to resort to guesswork about which areas of your campaign are working or not. Through Facebook’s excellent Ad Manager, determining your conversion rates and other metrics is made simple, thanks to the neatly laid out reports. All you have to do is analyze your results and proceed accordingly.

Facebook Ads offer metrics like your post engagement, page likes, weekly reach, and which of your posts are the best performers. However, that’s not all, you’ll also gain insights on in-depth metrics like overall sales, clicks, and conversions. Facebook gives you a powerful tool to track your progress and measure your success.

#7: Quick And Easy to Setup with Fast Results

Facebook Ads is a strong marketing platform because it’s very accessible. Setting up your account is about as quick and easy as it gets. If you already have a Facebook account or business page, setting up an Ad account should be quick and painless.

Just about everyone can create a Facebook account or page, then set up an Ad Manager account, connect a preferred payment method, and launch the campaign – all of which can be done in one sitting. With a well-optimized account and a bit of luck, you might even get clicks or a phone call on the same day. Facebook Ads is very beginner-friendly and it’s highly recommended if you want quick results.

Healthcare Facebook Advertising: The Onlinko Advantage

Why should you work with Onlinko for advertising on Facebook? Here are the advantages that you can expect from us:

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Onlinko is a full-service marketing agency and we’re confident that we have everything we need to help you succeed in Facebook Ads. Our team is composed of social media specialists, copywriters, and ad designers – leverage our extensive knowledge and skills to make your campaign a success.

Optimization of Ads

At first, we’ll start your campaign with a couple of ads that we will monitor extensively. As time goes by, we’ll notice the trends and find out which ads perform or not. From here, we’ll analyze the data and make adjustments to your campaign for the best ROI.

Hyper-Focused Audience Targeting

What are the best strategies to turn a “Like” into a lead? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Facebook has powerful targeting tools and we know the best practices to make it work for your healthcare organization.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting

If you work with Onlinko, you have another set of eyes that will monitor your campaign. We’ll manage your Facebook Ads campaign so you don’t have to. However, you’ll still stay on top of your campaign through our comprehensive reports.

Ad Development

The quality of your ads can affect the results of your campaign. At Cardinal, we have a team of writers that will create your Facebook Ad copy, descriptions, and headlines. Plus, we can also add creative elements like graphics and images for more click-worthy ads..

More than Just Facebook Ads

Onlinko offers a total performance marketing suite of services. If you need more marketing solutions beyond Facebook, we’ll be more than happy to accommodate your needs.


Short answer: it’s only worth it if you know what you’re after. If you’re just looking for a way to build community with existing customers, organic Facebook posts might be all you need. If you want to drive traffic, clicks, leads, MQLs, or some other business metric in a visible, repeatable way, then you need a Facebook advertising strategy that works. Figure out how much that traffic or that lead is worth to your business, and you’ll start to have a rough idea of how to measure success in your Facebook advertising adventures.

Longer answer: Facebook has a unique handle on both breadth and depth. With over a BILLION users, you can find almost any customer segment there. But with Facebook Ad platform hyper-targeting tools, you can zero in with such specificity that it becomes your best bet for highly customized marketing segments, down to the neighborhood level. The costs for advertising on Facebook are (very roughly) comparable to advertising via Google Adwords, but much more customizable for just about any goal, audience, or budget.

It starts with a custom assessment of your goals, your target audience(s), your location needs, and your messaging. We’ll lay out a plan for the Facebook audience, ads, and spend to start with, for your approval. Then we’ll set that plan into motion. That’s when the real work begins. We monitor your Facebook ad performance as we go, making small tweaks here and major changes there (with your approval, again). We don’t stop, even after it’s making you the money you were looking for. Basically, a Facebook marketing agency makes Facebook ads work, from start to finish.

It’s better to ask what we don’t do – This is not an organic Facebook post creation team. Our job is to meet your business goals through the fine art of paid Facebook advertising.

Most of our clients already have all the infrastructure they need to receive traffic and leads from their Facebook advertising campaigns. But, of course, it depends on what your business goals are, and what your existing web resources look like. Examples of web content and tools you probably have include a customer record management platform, working landing pages, home pages, and web forms. If, after consulting with you, we find that your web content is incompatible with your business goals, we can help you devise a plan to quickly get the necessary items published.

Your dedicated Facebook advertising specialist here at the agency will help you determine your ideal CPA (cost per acquisition) as part of the discovery process. It may take some time in the beginning to find the right balance of content, placement, and audience optimization, but your specialist will keep fine-tuning the campaigns until they are converting for your goals within your target price range. All of this information will be continually shared with you through custom dashboards and personal updates from your specialist, so you’ll know exactly when your Facebook campaign turns the corner toward success.

We want you to be completely confident that you’re getting your money’s worth for your Facebook marketing, so as an agency we contract accordingly. It takes a few months of testing and optimizing to establish steady, predictable pattern of results. So we sign you on for an initial three-month contract to set the magic in motion. After that, we can work out the terms of our agreement month to month or on an annual basis. Our clients tend to be so happy with the results that they want to sign on for the long haul, but we can work with your comfort level.

Our team will get to know you through the initial discovery process, and as part of that, we’ll also familiarize ourselves with your product offerings, style, and tone of voice. Because of this, we can create all your ad content in-house, with no extra input. But if you have your own creative team on staff, we’re also happy to work with them to put their ideas to work.